Musical talent was practically inherited to Joelina Drews: her dad a musician and her mom a former model. Already as a little girl, Joelina's biggest wish was to be a singer and perform on the biggest stages of this world. But before it came down to this, the nowadays singer and songwriter grew up in a small and conservative village in North Rhine-Westphalia.

“I was always different to other children in my hometown. Whenever my schoolmates were going out or playing video games, I was listening to music, taking vocal and piano lessons and I wrote songs.”

Inspired by artists such as Christina Aguilera, Whitney Houston and Alicia Keys, Joelina fell in love with American pop music culture and urban R&B music and started to develop her own unique artist identity and style.

Through her father who made his living as a full-time professional artist, Joelina began playing piano and writing songs at the early age of 6.

“I can’t remember when I started doing music. I was always singing and I just loved that it made me forget everything around me.”

With her dad, being one of Germany’s most successful artists, she says it wasn’t always easy to find her own path, without being judged by other people:

“I was always obsessed with American culture and fell in love with urban music and their direct and honest lyrics. In Germany we don’t have that kind of music. It doesn’t have that urban edginess combined with rhythmic beats.”

So it came that Joelina started searching for a producer in the US who was willing to work with her.

Then only 14 years old, she went to Los Angeles and recorded her first songs: “I didn’t

know what I was doing. I just knew I wanna be a singer, so I packed my bags and went over to LA to live my dream.”

As a result, Drews returned to Germany with a bunch of songs in her bag and released her very first single “Trendsetter” in 2011 which was placed in the top 20 of the american Club & Dance-Charts.

There followed TV-productions such as “Goodbye Deutschland! Die Auswanderer”, guest appearances at “The Dome” and “Verstehen Sie Spaß”.

As candidate of the RTL-Danceshow “Stepping Out” she even accomplished it till the finals. “Looking back, this was the best training that I could have imagined for my further career. I made my very first experiences on stage and TV then.”

After this first little success, she kept traveling back and forth between Los Angeles,

Sweden, UK and Germany and created her own urban pop sound that’s full of interesting contrasts: it’s edgy but vulnerable, approachable but cool. She’s not afraid of combining rap-elements with classical pop or uniting soulful vocals with urban beats.

“I’m a perfectionist! I always wanna get better and better in what I do. I wanna write better lyrics, bring up better melodies and sing better every time that I’m walking into a studio.”

Writing her own songs, the 22-year-old gives a voice to young woman's issues as she sings about love, heartbreak and rebound.

“When I’m working on my songs, I can be myself. I can express my feelings and talk about my experiences and life issues.”

“I feel I’m in a stage of my life now, where I really have something to say and I can pass something on to other people out there.”

Joelina’s first release “Skybar” channels all this and is showing who she is. Switching between fragility, a raspy sexiness and edgy power through her voice, supported by a unique urban R&B / Future Bass production, she sings about falling for somebody and “you just can’t help it”.

“’When I’m with ya, you give me a blackout’ describes exactly how I feel when I really have a crush on somebody. I can’t think straight anymore and am just focused on this person right next to me.”

“This song is all about passion and energy as it shows my edgy, powerful and gentle side at the same time.”

And this is exactly what makes this young woman so unique: her universal and versatile voice combined with an extraordinary sound, that definitely won’t let you stay motionless.