Joelina Drews

"When I write songs, I can be myself."

Confident, edgy, positive and always 100%. JOELINA DREWS knows exactly what she wants: "I am a very intuitive person, I do what I feel. That’s why I do music." 

No stranger to hard work, JOELINA has built her project from the ground up without the assistance of a label, management or booking agency. "If you want it done right, do it yourself," says the twenty-three year old who sings, writes and co-produces all of her own songs.

JOELINA loves variety and is never in one place for too long. Often found in Los Angeles, Stockholm, London and Berlin, she credits these famous metropoles, and the fabulous talents residing there, with helping to shape her sound which she describes as "urban pop with trap influences." Her sultry vocal style is both warm and versatile, managing to blur the lines between fragile and powerful, cool and relatable. 

"Since I can remember, music has been a part of my life. Even my first steps were on stage at a concert!" says JOELINA who at the ripe old age of three, would decide she was destined to become a singer. Three years later she took her first piano lesson and began vocal training at eleven years old.

While her friends were living their teenage dreams, this girl had something else in mind. Then fourteen, JOELINA flew to Los Angeles to create her first original music. "I have always listened to and been inspired by American artists, so I was happy to find a producer in LA to record my first songs with me." Within a short time, JOELINA achieved her first success, placing in the Top 20 of the American Club & Dance Charts.

In 2016, graduating with honors and her first successes in her back pocket JOELINA moved to Berlin to make music full time. It was there that she met producer, Wassily Gradovsky (EXO, GIRLS GENERATION, JUICY J). Together they recorded JOELINA's first EP "TRUE STORY", to be released in Spring 2019. As a foretaste, the singles "Skybar", “Drive” and "Scream My Name" have already been released. 

JOELINA promises 2019 will bring many fun surprises and even more music! 

"No matter the obstacles in my way, I’m going for it. Making music is what I love the most, so why do anything else?”